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Driving with Dementia

Sundown syndrome—also known as “sundowning”—is a term describing the onset of heavier confusion and intensified agitation in those living with dementia. Usually this begins anywhere from late afternoon to dusk. However in reality, it could happen at any time throughout the day.


The Sunnier Side of Sundowners

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Baker Act: A Dementia Dilemma

Having spoken to hundreds of families in crisis, I have a deep concern regarding when it is or is not an appropriate time to “Baker Act” family members struggling with dementia.  After all, it is a 72-hour mandatory commitment for a psychiatric evaluation. This may, depending on the outcome, result in strong resentment and anger that can last a lifetime.

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My Mom who recently passed away from Vascular Dementia

March 5th 2017

When a loved one is living with dementia, putting a stop to his or her driving privileges is inevitable. It is also one of the most difficult tasks a caregiver or a family member will ever face.

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Gary Joseph Leblanc