Common Sense Caregiving

Canadian author and illustrator Kathryn Harrison talks about her new book "Weeds in Nana's Garden," a heartfelt children’s story of love that helps explain Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

Vanessa Luther talks about her caregiving experience with her parents and the writing of her book "A Life Stolen."

Laurie Scherrer talks about how maintaining a routine in her life is helping her live with dementia.

Ann Campanella, author of Motherhood: Lost and Found talks about how dealing with her own personal lost she became her mother's caregiver. We also discuss Pet Therapy. The healing of owning pets during and after caregiving

Loretta Veney, author of "Being My Mom's Mom" talks about the advantage of keeping her mom in a smaller private group home nursing facility and the crucial importance of having a back-up plan.

Canadian Author Cathie Borrie of the Long Hello

Jean Lee author of "Alzheimer's Daughter" talks about how both of her parents were diagnosed on the same day. Also we discuss the benefits of keeping a caregiver journal. .

Marianne Sciucco author of the Blue Hydranges - An Alzhiemer's Love Story

Charles Schoenfeld talks about his second career after retiring as an CNA and writing his book. "A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Dementia Ward - Memoir of a Male CNA., also working on Memory Cafes in Wisconsin.

Author Vicki Tapia talks about caring for her parents diagnosed with different types of dementia and her book, "Someone Stole my Iron."

Paulan Gordon author of Vascular Dementia: An Inside Perspective, talks about living with vascular dementia.

Laurie Lewis, Author of the "Dragons of Alsace Farm," talks about dealing with her mom's dementia and placing her in a smaller private group home.

Dementia Roundtable Conversations are great interviews with those living with dementia or present and past caregivers or advocates.

Caroline Benham of Bright Copper Kettles talks about helping Activity Directors & Coordinators in the health care industry.

Marc DeRuiter talks about volunteering to play live music in dementia care communities and the positive benefits it has for those living with dementia.

Lon Kieffer talks about performing his one-man play "Defending the Caregiver"

Vince Zangaro host of the

Alzheimer's Music Fest

Robert Bowles talks about living with Lewy Body Dementia and being a advocate for others diagnosed with the disease. Also we discuss a project he's been working on "A Day of Dementia Education with Teepa Snow."

Carol Bradley Bursack, author of "Minding Our Elders" talks about caring for her father who suffered from a traumatic brain injury and the decision of bringing Hospice into the equation of caring for him.

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